Concursul mondial pentru cele mai bune cărţi maxime realizate în anul 2011 s-a încheiat. Pentru a anunţa cât mai urgent rezultatul concursului, publicăm în original, comunicatul Comisiei de Maximafilie a FIP:

9th FIP MAXIMAPHILY World competition FOR
THE Best Maximum Card CREATED IN 2011
montreal – paris,  April 25, 2013
            For the 2nd time, the 9th World Competition for the three Best Maximum Cards created in 2011' was posted on our Website www.maximaphily.info  and open for Voting to all our official Delegates. Also, for the 2nd time, the Voting for this Competition, was done electronically. The Voting period was from March 16, 2013 to April 15, 2013. The official Delegates had to send in by email their Voting Papers with their Choices to both the Chairman and the most experienced Bureau Member Mme Anny Boyard. If a Country Vote was sent only to me as Chairman, I automatically forwarded that Vote to Mme A. Boyard  to ensure the integrity and security of the Vote. Mme Anny Boyard has been  in charge of verifying the Vote Results and she did a very thorough verification by checking every FIP Country Vote received.
            For this '9th World Competition for the three Best Maximum Cards created in 2011' we followed the new regulations, that is it will NOT be allowed to vote for your own country. This major Voting change was formally approved by our Delegates at the Jakarta Meeting of the Commission on June 22, 2012.
            There were 60 countries taking part (an increase of one since the previous Competition). There were 50 Votes cast by Delegates representing 51 FIP Countries (an increase by six (6) Votes) and out of the 60 participating countries, 47 countries received a Vote.
The Results of the three (3) Best Maximum Cards created in 2011 are the following:
1st Prize: great britain  (75 points)
Atlantic puffin  (Fratercula arctica)